Obtaining Your Driver's Permit and License

Links to DMV Resources

Below are links to additional resources published by the California DMV to help you prepare for your driver permit and driver license.  

California Driver Handbook.  This online handbook contains a summary of the California Vehicle Code.  It is critical you understand the contents of this book before attempting your written test for your permit.  If you intend to obtain your driver’s license prior to turning 18 years old, you are required to take a driver’s education course (online or by classroom) in order to test for your driver’s permit at the DMV.  

Parent-Teen Training Guide.  This guide is for the parent or guardian teaching the student to drive between instructor-led lessons.  In addition to the 6 hours required with a licensed driving school, teens are required to drive 50 hours (10 of those hours at night) with the parent, guardian, or licensed adult over the age of 25.  

Driving Test Criteria.  This online document describes your behind-the-wheel test, what you will be tested on, along with a sample scoring sheet.  You should read this book to understand the entire driving test including the pre-drive portion of the test, how you will be scored on the test, and critical driving errors (“automatic failures”).

Driver Permit Information.  This page provides all the information you need to obtain a permit, and ultimately a driver’s license.  Includes information for both minors and adults.

DMV Practice Tests.  DMV provides five example knowledge tests for you to practice prior to taking your written test at the DMV for your permit to drive a Class C vehicle.  

Driver License Application Information.  This page provides links to the information you need to apply for your driver permit and license.

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