Driving Assessments

Driversity has done many driving assessments for different circumstances. Whether its for business, family, health or physical concerns…Driversity has the experience to get you the information and skills you need.

Common Assessments

  • Business employee assessments to help reduce liability
  • Family assessments to get a professional opinion on a loved one’s skill
  • Driving assessments after a lifestyle changing medical condition

About Our Assessments

Business Assessments: Driversity has helped many businesses conduct assessments on employee drivers. Employees are often the face of the business especially when driving marked vehicles. Driversity can help make sure your employees are conducting themselves in a safe and professional manner while on the road.

Vehicles are a liability to a business. At minimum, vehicle collisions can interfere with the business’s daily function by reducing available fleet vehicles. If an employee is injured there could be a huge strain on the business’s operation, workers compensation, vehicle insurance and potential civil liability.

Periodic driving assessments can help reduce liability. Some business insurance companies offer discounts for continuing education and assessments to employees.

Family Assessments: Driversity has conducted many assessments for families that may have a older driver. Driversity can conduct a driving assessment on your family member to give you a neutral, professional point of view. It is not unusual to find older drivers have not updated their driving skills, knowledge of laws or rules of the road in 50 years.

Sometimes it is hard for a family member to take advice, constructive criticism or warnings from loved ones. Driversity can take the tension out of the family environment. Contact us and we can talk about your concerns and see how we can help.

Medical Condition Assessments: If you or your loved one has a medical condition that may cause concern about their driving ability, Driversity can assess the driver’s ability to safely operate the vehicle. During this assessment, we also can refresh the driver on driving best practices, defensive driving, and recommend solutions and methods to minimize driving risk.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must have a valid license or permit for driving lessons
  • DMV “Special Instruction Permits” accepted

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Each driving assessment is scheduled behind-the-wheel for 1 hour

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