Why You Should Choose Driversity

Here is a little explanation of the difference in driving schools.

Driver Education and Driver Training Lessons used to be taught in school. While some schools still have a Driver Ed course, they do not conduct driving lessons anymore. The reasoning is based on a few factors. Here are the two main factors.

The first being the cost. The vehicles, maintenance, instructors, fuel and most of all insurance is costly. The schools have a hard time justifying the cost in their budget. The insurance alone is expensive.

The second and more important reason is teen driving statistics. Driving is the leading cause of death for teens. You can see the statistics here on the NHTSA website. Most of the time the schools had the PE teacher substitute as the Driving Instructor. While that worked, it was not the most effective. As Driving Schools took the lead, teen traffic injuries and fatalities dropped. Driving Schools are better trained, have more experience and Driving Instructors are tested every few years by the DMV to requalify.

Driversity Driving School takes teen driving serious! We DO NOT cut corners. We want you to have the best education because this can have epic repercussions. We use the best equipment, maintenance schedules that exceed vehicle manufacture or DMV standards and train our Instructors to the highest standards. Can you find less expensive Driver Education or Driver Training Lessons… Probably. With any school you can go Ivy League for success or take your chances on a cheap school.

Consider this...


    • We use newer Honda Civics and constantly update our fleet. Why?… Safety! Check the NHTSA crash ratings here. Honda Civics are 5 star across the board. Could we get cheaper cars?… Of course but why would we jeopardize your safety?
    • Our maintenance schedules exceeds Honda requirements and blows DMV standards away. DMV has minimal standards. You can see their inspection sheet here. They require an inspection once a year. With as much time Driving Schools are on the road, a lot can happen in a year. Some schools cut corners on maintenance to save money.
    • Our cars are maintained and repaired with factory Honda parts! Again… Safety and reliability 


    • CA law requires every driver to have at minimum a liability policy covering $15,000 single injury or death, $30,000 multiple injury or death and $5,000 property damage. That is just for the damage you cause to others and you are liable for. Nothing for you.
    • Driving Schools are required to have a minimum liability policy covering $150,000 single injury or death, $300,000 multiple injury or death and $50,000 property damage. You can see the DMV Driving School insurance standards here
    • Some schools meet the minimum requirements to get licensed. Do you want your student with someone that just meets the minimum requirements?
    • Driversity has full coverage multi million dollar policies to cover all aspects of loss. Why?… Safety and security for our students.
    • Driversity has an active licensing bond in place issued by Jane Bond Surety and held by DMV.


  • Driversity holds their instructors to the highest standards. We give them the best training and tools to do the job right.
  • With today’s technology our instructors have the information they need at their fingertips. Our student information is securely stored online so the instructors can get the information they need instantly. Each instructor has access to notes in the student records so we can tailor each lesson to the students needs.
  • Driversity has instructors that have been with us for almost 20 years. If you want experienced, safe instructors… We have them!
  • Driversity does pay their instructors more than the industry standard. Driversity wants excellent long term instructors for the best education the students can get.

If you want all aspects of safety and education, then Driversity is the Driving School for you. If you want to just meet the minimums then lets hope you don’t become a statistic.

Take Advantage of Our Experience!

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