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NOTE!!! This course costs $29 (not Free as noted above). If you have not yet enrolled or paid tuition, please do so on our Online Driver Education page.

This course consists of an overview, ten lessons, and a section you must complete to inform Driversity of your completion. In each lesson you will find several short quizzes and an end of lesson test. At the end of the ten lessons, you will find a Final exam. For each test and the final exam, you are required to pass with a minimum grade of 85%. You must retake each test to progress to the next section. Please read the “Welcome to Driversity Driver Education” section carefully for more information. Please do not try and speed your way though the course. Also, when the videos are playing, you must pay attention (don’t be distracted by other things) because those videos contain important information and reinforce the reading parts of the lesson. Finally, if you have any questions, please refer to the California Driver’s Handbook for more information. Good luck, and contact Driversity if you have any questions!

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