Online Driver Education - Exit Form

Congratulations on completing the Driversity Online Driver Education Program!  Before you can visit a DMV office to take the written permit test, you will need a blue certificate of completion for driver education issued by Driversity.  To obtain this certificate, you must complete the form below.   You can specify whether you prefer to pick the certificate up from our office, or have it mailed to you via U.S. Mail.  Please don’t hesitate to contact the Driversity office if you have any questions!

Please fill out the exit form in its entirety.

1. An Instructor will review your course. If there are any sections missed or sections needing additional review, our staff will email you.

2. We will e-mail you on the next steps to obtaining your permit

3. We will email you when you can pick up your certificate if you have chosen that delivery method.

4. Please allow 1-2 business days to process your exit and review your course.

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