Terms and Policies

Here you will find our Privacy and Policy information. If you have a question please send us a message.

Cancellation Policy

Please notify the office as soon as practical if you must reschedule your lesson. A minimum of 24 hour notice is required. Lessons canceled with less than 24 hours is charged a $25 late cancellation fee. What does this fee pay for? It pays the instructor for their scheduled time. There are some exceptions to this policy. Please call the office to discuss: 925.778.7172.

No Show Policy

It is your responsibility to know when you have scheduled your lessons. You must be prepared for your lesson. This means you must have your permit (each and every lesson), have appropriate shoes, and payment for each lesson. It does not matter who scheduled the lesson for you, you are responsible for making it to that appointment and being prepared for your lesson. If you are not at the designated pick up place or you are not prepared for the lesson, a $50 fee will apply. No lessons will be scheduled until this has been paid. What does this fee pays for? It pays the instructor for their scheduled time. There are some exceptions to this policy. Please call the office to discuss: 925.778.7172.

Weekend and Evening Appointments

Driver training is conducted 7 days a week. The hours driver training is conducted is 8am to 9pm. The office is not open all hours driver training is conducted. If you must cancel a lesson and cannot reach anyone at the office, please use the links in the email provided when you scheduled the lesson.

Tuition Policy

Tuition is expected prior to the lesson. We accept credit cards, debit cards, and cash.

Appointment Time Policy

Although scheduled on the hour often times we are a few minutes before or after the hour. This most always due to traffic. Please allow us enough time to accomplish the lesson. You will receive your full two hour lesson. In keeping with time and schedule there are times that the instructor will arrive with the student from the prior lesson. Your student will get their full lesson.

Training Cars

Our training cars are equipped with a training brake, additional mirror and other safety features. We only us Honda Civics. With the exception of our identifying logo on the cars (back window and left and right side panels) the cars are unmarked for privacy. Students enjoy the anonymity and it makes them much more calm. Calm drivers are better drivers. See? Everyone wins.

Lessons are Video Recorded

The video only recording devices(black box) record each lesson in the car as well as outside the vehicle. This is for security and insurance purposes. Bullying, harassment, other inappropriate behavior policy We have a zero tolerance and so should you.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds. That being said, we sometimes bend that rule. Please let us know your circumstance.

Credit Card Payments

DRIVER TRAINING TUITION IS APPLIED TO THE DRIVER TRAINING COURSE CONDUCTED IN FOLLOWING AREAS ONLY: Alamo, Antioch, Bay Point, Bethel Island, Brentwood, Byron, Clayton, Clyde, Concord, Crockett, Danville, Discovery Bay, Hercules, Knightsen, Lafayette, Martinez, Moraga, Oakley, Orinda, Pacheco, Pinole, Pittsburg, Pleasant Hill, Port Chicago, Walnut Creek – or a meeting place in or near these cities. If you do not reside in the areas above please call the office prior to paying for your lesson for further instructions. If a lesson is paid for and out of our service area you may be charged a $10 (or less depending upon the amount) administration fee for credit card fee reversal. If we are not charged by the credit card company (if we can void the transaction with 24 hours) you will not be charged. If there is an error that results in an overcharge and we are not able to reverse this charge without fees, you will responsible for those fees. Every effort is made to avoid this. You may reach us 925.778.7172 or send us a message if you have any questions.

Our Privacy Policy

Your right to privacy is very important to us. You can visit our web site and access information without giving any personal information. It is our intent to let you know how we will use your personal information before we ask you for it. For example, we may ask for information from you, such as your mailing or email address, to enable us to respond to your requests. In some instances Driversity® Driving School may request and utilize information given to record required paperwork mandated by the Department of Education and the Department of Motor Vehicles. It is our practice to guard your information that is required in a manner consistent with these policies.

It is our policy to never shared your information with the general public or to anyone not currently affiliated with Driversity®. Your information is never sold or utilized in any way to any other individual, company, or entity except to the agencies and current employees mentioned above.

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